Remembering those who have been here before

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 Frederick Smith Billings
born : 06 November 1831 in Amherst, Hampshire, Mass.
died :

Sophia Stone
born : 15 May 1828 in Goshen, Hampshire, Mass.
died :
 Edwin Clinton Billings
born : 09 September 1861 in Amherst, Hampshire, Mass.
died : 15 February 1934 in Springfield, Hampden, Mass.

Lucy Elnora Miner
born : 22 February 1867 in Windsor, Mass.
died : 18 July 1959 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
 Andrew Howard Forsythe
born : 10 September 1890 in Williamsburg, Mass.
died : 15 July 1947 in Springfield, Hampden, Mass.
Andrew Forsythe was an auto mechanic and he enjoyed fishing and w as a lieutenant in command of a regiment in the Massachusetts National Gu ards for many years. Andrew stayed for a time with his Aunt Harriet and Uncle Sidney Packard, and they were considering adopting him before Harold K Packard was born.
Pluma Sophia Billings
born : 22 September 1888 in Goshen, Hampshire, Mass.
died : 06 June 1970 in Springfield, Hampden, Mass.
Pluma Billings as a young girl in Williamsburg, Mass., before she married was a waitress in the one hotel in Williamsburg, which was known as the Williams House. Her hobbies were crocheting and sewing. She was a great cook.

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