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These web pages contains
1,030,045   Individuals
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The purpose of these pages is to help beginners gather raw data for their genealogy project.
I do NOT have any sources on most of the names here.
I would guess that 98% of the information here is accurate, but there is some that I have put here with the idea that questionable data is better than nothing. I would urge that everything you get from here be verified elsewhere.

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List of books

A genealogy of Joseph Roberts of Windham Maine
A genealogy of one branch of the Morey family 1631-1890
A genealogy of Robert Andrews and his descendants 1635 to 1890
A genealogy of the descendants of John Bulfinch of Boston
A genealogy of the descendants of John Thomson of Plymouth Mass
A genealogy of the Fenton family
A genealogy of the lineal descendants of John Steevens who settled in Guilford Conn
A genealogy of the Nye family
A genealogy of the Philbrick and Philbrook families descended from the emigrant Thomas Philbrick
A Pettingell genealogy
A Stone genealogy
Babcock Genealogy Vol 1
Clarke-Clark genealogy - records of the descendants of Thomas Clarke Plymouth
Cummings genealogy - Isaac Cummings 1601-1677 of Ipswich
DeMaranville genealogy- descendants of Louis DeMaranville
Derby genealogy - a record of the descendants of John Darby of Marblehead Mass
descendants of James Warren who was in Kittery Maine
Dexter genealogy
Dodge genealogy - descendants of Tristram Dodge
Dunham Genealogy
Edsons in England and America and genealogy
family of Aaron and Sarah Bradley of Guilford Conn
Field Genealogy
Fuller Genealogy
Garland genealogy - the descendants (the northern branch) of Peter Garland
Genealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington
Genealogy and biography of the Connecticut branch of the Churchill family in America
Genealogy and memoirs of Isaac Stearns and his descendants
Genealogy of a branch of the Randall family 1666 to 1879
Genealogy of descendants of Thomas Hale of Walton England and of Newbury Mass
Genealogy of Edward Winslow of the Mayflower
Genealogy of Ezra Green born in Litchfield County Connecticut
Genealogy of Richard Currier of Salisbury and Amesbury Massachusetts
genealogy of some of the descendants of Thomas Wheeler of Concord
Genealogy of the Adams family of Kingston Mass
Genealogy of the Balch families in America
Genealogy of the Beach family of Connecticut
Genealogy of the Binney family in the United States
Genealogy of the Blish family in America
genealogy of the Brainerd-Brainard family in America
Genealogy of the Bridgman family- descendants of James Bridgman
Genealogy of the Buck family
Genealogy of the Cornell family
Genealogy of the Crane family
Genealogy of the Crehore family
Genealogy of the Cutts family in America
Genealogy of the Dean family descended from Ezra Dean of Plainfield Conn
Genealogy of the descendants of John Sill
Genealogy of the descendants of John White of Wenham and Lancaster, Massachusetts
Genealogy of the descendants of Joseph Sheldon of Suffield Connecticut
Genealogy of the descendants of Nathanial Clarke of Newbury Mass
Genealogy of the descendants of Richard Seymour from the first settlement of Hartford Conn
Genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Gleason of Watertown Mass
Genealogy of the Eddy family
Genealogy of the family of Lt. Thomas Tracy of Norwich Connecticut
Genealogy of the family of Solomon Drowne of Rhode Island
Genealogy of the Fogg family - descendants of Samuel Fogge
Genealogy of the Frost family - Elliot York County Maine
Genealogy of the Gillson and Jillson family
Genealogy of the Graves family in America
Genealogy of the Greely-Greeley family
Genealogy of the Hawley family of Marblehead
Genealogy of the Hobson family of Buxton Maine
Genealogy of the Luther family in America
Genealogy of the Stimpson family of Charlestown Mass
Genealogy of the Whittelsey-Whittlesey family
Genealogy of the Willcomb family of New England
Genealogy of Thomas Ruggles of Roxbury
Historical genealogy of the Lawrence family
History and genealogy of Samuel Clark
History and genealogy of the Eastman family of America
History and genealogy of the Gov. John Webster family of Connecticut
John Stoddard of Wethersfield Conn. and his descendants 1642-1872
Mack genealogy - the descendants of John Mack of Lyme Conn
Macomber Genealogy
Merriam genealogy in England and America
Nathan Hale - the martyr-hero of the revolution with a Hale genealogy and Hale's diary
Nutting genealogy - a record of some of the descendants of John Nutting of Groton Mass
Origin and genealogy of the Hildreth family of Lowell Mass
Peabody (Paybody, Pabody, Pabodie) genealogy
Peters of New England- a genealogy
records of the descendant of David Johnson of Leominster
Reed genealogy - descendants of William Reade of Weymouth Mass
Searles genealogy
Sibley Genealogy
Solomon Keyes of Newbury and Chelmsford, Mass
Southworth Genealogy
The Aspinwall genealogy
The Baldwin genealogy from 1500 to 1881
The Chaffee genealogy
The Cheney genealogy
The descendants of Nicholas Parlin of Cambridge Mass
The Geer genealogy - a historical record of George and Thomas Geer and their descendants
The genealogy and history of the Ingalls family in America
The Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families
The genealogy of the descendants of Henry Kingsbury
The genealogy of the descendants of Richard Haven of Lynn
The Harmon genealogy
The St. John genealogy
The Stebbins genealogy vol 1
The Stebbins genealogy vol 2
The Talmage genealogy
The Trowbridge genealogy
Universal international genealogy and of the ancient Fernald families
Watson Genealogy by Maria Watson Pinney